Bauhaus Dessau


In 2019 Jennifer contributed to ‘MANIFEST: Making Perceptions’, a live participatory project led by Dr Mike Anusas responding to the Bauhaus Dessau building using a variety of tools and materials. This project was part of a programme of events for ‘School FUNDAMENTAL’, an international festival celebrating art and design education on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus.

Jennifer developed and led one of 3 live projects, an intuitive making workshop using material as a starting point to create a public installation. Attendees of the festival were invited to interact with the installation through removing its ready-made mailable spheres to then remodel them using simple tools in response to word prompts projected at 8 minute intervals on the studio wall.

At the beginning of the festival the installation consisted on 200 ping pong-sized spheres skewered on top of wire tripod frames. Throughout the festival the installation gradually changed as attendees replaced the spheres with their own intuitive creations. The installation was sited in the Bauhaus Dessau building studio spaces.

Other projects explored live weaving in the Bauhaus studios, led by Collette Patterson. Laura Frances Richmond and Leila Sinclair-Bright collectively facilitated a site responsive ‘Bauhaus Creature’ project.
Simon Ray documented the live installations through photography and film.