All Things Nice

‘All things Nice’ is a sugar and spice container with cloche cover and spoons commissioned by a Private Collector and Soane Museum enthusiast.

Materials: Silver, Gold Plating, Jesmonite

The client requested a piece of tableware to gift to his wife for their silver wedding anniversary.

This piece is inspired by the Sir John Soane Museum Neoclassical collections which are reflected in different components making up this set i.e. ceiling rose base, architectural pineapple, neoclassical bust and brightly coloured marbled papers.

The set embodies the wife of the client through its form and reflects the sweetness/spice of their partnership through the object’s function.

The silver anthropomorphic cover is gold plated on the inside. It can be lifted to reveal an elaborate interior containing sugar and spice to be dispensed using the small carved spoons which hang over the shoulder rim of the silver bust.

This anthropomorphic form was influenced by La Mariée à la Grecque from drawing series, Mascarade à la Grecque, Parme, 1771 by Ennemond-Alexandre Petitot which can also be found within the Soane Museum collections.

Photography: Shannon Tofts